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“If God Lets Me Preach”  

I’m concerned. 

I hear so many sermons that include vague statements like “Jesus can make a difference in your life.” And I’m conflicted. Of COURSE He can! He does! But that’s not the #1 reason why He came. 

So why isn’t the true, complete gospel preached more often in our churches? I don’t think some church attenders even KNOW the true biblical gospel, and they may be destined for hell (Matthew 7:14). Others have a vague sense that “if I believe God exists,” “accept Jesus into my heart,” or “believe that Jesus died on the cross for the sins of everyone in the world [so therefore ‘I’m covered’]” - that “mental assent” is all that’s required (even though “…the demons believe-and shudder!” - James 2:19). 

Do preachers think we’ll bore of hearing the gospel each week? Are they afraid people will be offended by hearing about God as a Righteous Judge who must punish sin? Will mentioning hell and sin and repentance and contrition clear out the pews?!

Even the songs on Christian radio talk generally about God “following us” with his love, and how that will make a difference in our lives. It’s not a bad thing to say, it’s just incomplete. Jesus came to seek and save sinners! (Luke 19:10) If preachers don’t present the true, complete gospel, people cannot be truly saved from spiritual death and hell. And there is no second chance after you're dead! (Luke 16:19-31) There may be false converts in our pews, our small groups, and our Vacation Bible Schools! The “Good News” won’t be received as the miracle it is unless we humans realize we are completely incapable of fellowship with God without Christ’s life, suffering, crucifixion, death, and resurrection being credited to us! 

So I’m concerned, and I want to do my part, as God sees fit to give me opportunity to teach or preach.

I will do my best to teach the Bible to kids, teens, or adults in any setting. I will strive to present the gospel clearly, completely, and in a biblically accurate (and age-appropriate) way. There is NOTHING more important in the universe!

Carrie Underwood's Guitarist Led Rob to Your Kids! 

Hello friends/family/fans! 

I thought it might be fun to give you the "quick version" of how I got into doing music/ministry/mentoring for kids & teens (and how Carrie Underwood's guitarist impacted my life!): 

  • I loved baseball and surfing as a youth in CA, but my parents suggested I take piano lessons at age 14. (I did) 
  • At age 15, a friend said, "You're a good singer.  You should join the high school choir." (I did) 
  • The first day of choir, I was humming a song as I walked past Shawn Tubbs (now a guitarist for Carrie Underwood).  He said, "Hey! My band plays that song. You should come sing with us sometime." (I did)
  • Then Shawn and I joined another band with a guy named Andrew (my first songwriting experience!) 
  • In 1995, my mom suggested I join the "Summer Vocal Teams" at Mariners Church in SoCal (I did) 
  • ...which led me to meet Craig and Diane Hodgkins.  Diane loaned me a Steven Curtis Chapman video, which inspired me to become an artist. 
  • ...I started writing songs again, but the songs I wrote didn't song like "grown-up" songs! 
  • Months later, Hermelinda Navarrete (a Children's Ministry worker at Mariners) suggested I sing and lead the 5th-6th graders (I did) 
  • Then, when Trisha Graves (the Children's Pastor) didn't really like the theme song that came with a VBS curriculum in 2002, she asked me to write one (I did - "The Bug Song"!) 
  • Then, after hearing several songs I'd written for the kids, a group of families came to me, offering to help me pay to record my first album (they did, I did!) 

And that's how God did it! 

I don't stand onstage next to Carrie Underwood like my friend Shawn does, but I have been delighted and humbled to stand onstage next to YOUR CHILDREN, pointing them toward Jesus Christ, God's son (and hopefully, brightening their day!).  I give God thanks and praise for that opportunity! 

Rob Biagi - September 21, 2017

Does Your Kid Have Mentors? 

My dad gave me some great advice; I wish I'd taken it! (YouTube video blog [Vlog] link:

We all want to give our kids an edge in life. We want them to benefit from the wisdom of our experience. But what if they're like I was, and they won't take their parents' advice? 

One word: mentors. 

My Music & Performing Arts Workshops (which begin next month Sep. 9-10 weekend in Mission Viejo, CA) will include a mentoring component. My aim is to help your kids find local, godly mentors to speak into their lives from time to time. I'll share about how my older brother mistreated me for many years, then repented and changed completely! I'll share how I have struggled with timidity and overcame it (2 Timothy 1:7).

I know we live in a social media age. I know that kids spend 7 1/2 hours a day looking at their screens, sometimes wishing they were someone else. I know that a lot of adults think we've "lost" the culture war. Maybe it's true. But there is still hope! (Psalm 73:25) 

If you'll spread the word and help me get an audience of 8-18 year old kids & teens in Mission Viejo in 3 weeks, I'll give it all I've got to remind them of who they are in Christ. I'll let them share their thoughts, and ideas, and creativity. And we'll have a BLAST singing, dancing, and performing a show for you! Click here to register your child(ren): 

If you would SHARE my posts and links on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I'd sure appreciate it. 

Pointing kids to Christ has ALWAYS been my favorite thing to do, and perhaps it matters more than ever these days. 

I welcome your comments... 


I Had a Great Summer! 

I just finished an amazing and rewarding summer of ministry!  Many thanks to everyone at First Pres. Jeffersonville, Prince of Peace Lutheran, First Pres. Bakersfield, The Cause Church, and Mt. Zion Christian.  It was so much fun!  I trust that God stirred hearts, and drew his children to him.

I will continue to do music concerts going forward, but I am also adding Performing Arts Camps/Workshops to my event schedule.

These events cost $0 to the host church.  I just need help getting the word out, and a few volunteers.

8-18 year olds from your local church, Christian schools, homeschool groups, public schools, and community kids will pay a small registration fee to learn to become better singers, dancers, actors/speakers/presenters, and songwriters for Jesus Christ!

Stay tuned for many more details.  So far I have events planned for California, Kentucky, Ohio, and Illinois. - Rob B. 7/20/17

You Make the Call... 

I was talking recently with a friend whose kids' faith in Christ stalled after high school. 

They had memorized Scripture, they had sung and danced to Rob Biagi songs as wholeheartedly as elementary schoolkids can, and they had prayed sincerely to trust Christ for the forgiveness of sin and to be a "new creation" (2 Cor. 5:17). But, as of now, their walks with Christ are stalled. 

So that got me thinking...what's our response when a child, or adult, professes faith in Christ? Do we rejoice and cheer loudly, as "all of heaven" does in Luke 15:7? 

Or do we say, "We'll see..." 

Wow.  I don't want to be THAT guy...but there is an element of hoping, isn't there? I hope the "decisions for Christ" we see in our ministries, families and neighborhoods are true conversions. Let's celebrate now...but time will tell (Matt. 24:13). 

Man!  The Christian life sure requires FAITH. 

I welcome your comments.

Understanding Your Creative, Artistic, or Sensitive Child 

I played sports as a kid.  My parents wanted me to be well-rounded.  I'm glad they did!  No matter what activity breaks out at a social gathering, family reunion, or corporate outing, I can throw/catch/dribble/shoot/surf/run/skate/hit a golf ball without hesitation.

But when scheduling wouldn't allow BOTH baseball AND our High School Musical, I quit baseball quickly and decisively.

My dad and I had some tension back then, and I didn't feel heard or understood by him (he didn't feel heard or understood by ME, either!).  He did great overall, though.  

My dad was/is SUCH an example of loyalty, determination, work ethic, being a provider, loving his wife and kids, and having a great work/life balance.  And he humbly loves God, too.  Now that I think of it, I want to be more like my dad.  He would always ask me to play piano and sing "Just the Way You Are" by Billy Joel, while he sat and listened and got choked up.  We're alike in THAT way!

But I am one of those creative, artistic, sensitive types.  I don't fit in sometimes.  I don't want to talk about college basketball, ESPN, or business.  Maybe your kid is more like me.

If so, I want to help you understand and raise that sensitive, creative, artistic kid.  Tell me your story on

And be encouraged! - Rob Biagi

Ministry to Future Men (and Women) 

Here's a big, wordy brain-dump of a new mission statement for Rob Biagi Music. Can you wordsmiths out there help me edit it down? 

"My heart for ministry is to find disengaged, disinterested, or shy boys* (like I was!), to help them identify their performing arts gifts, and to encourage them to STEP UP and USE those gifts for God's glory! 

Through weekend Performing Arts Workshops that cost $0 for host churches, I help inspire kids and teens to lead Kids' Worship, Youth Worship, and Adult Worship, and to one day become men who are ENGAGED, INTERESTED, and BOLD for Christ." 

*girls will be a part of the workshops as well. 

(Remember, this is just a brainstorm...)

Singing and Leading Worship is Not “Feminine” 

Many of today’s church men are uninspired and disengaged, which is not surprising, considering that they were once elementary-age boys who were uninspired and disengaged.  Did the Church music, teaching, and storytelling of their childhood not "turn them on" and fire up their imaginations enough to ignite a true zeal and passion for Christ?  Did the Holy Spirit fall down on the job?  Certainly not!  Were the Kids’ Worship leaders of the ‘80s and ‘90s ineffective?  I don’t know.  But it gets me thinking about the up-and-coming generation…

I feel called to help boys (and girls!) at your churches and in your communities to discover the performing arts gifts that God has given them.  I will encourage them to USE those gifts in Kids’ Worship, Youth Worship, and even Adult Worship.  My team and I will do workshops to help them become better singers, dancers, songwriters, and (Lord willing…) evangelizers.  We will remind them (or TELL them!) that their gifts come from God, and should be used for his glory and his purposes! 

And servants of God must be bold, and step up.

So...I am looking for churches to host my Performing Arts Weekend Workshops for kids 8-18 years old.  Will you help me pull an event together at your church? 

After all, there may be a future worship leader or best-selling author in your community who just needs a little godly "push."  Let’s FIND THEM and ENCOURAGE them! 

Rob Biagi 5/31/2017

"What Are Your Kids Doing Now?" - RESULTS! 

Recently, I spent the morning reading responses from you (my email list) about “What Your Kids are Doing Now?”  I was amazed at how many little Rob Biagi Music Fans grew up and are serving in Children’s Ministry and other places!  And there are many musicians in the group as well.  I enjoyed reading ALL of your responses, but here are a few highlights (sorry I couldn't include everyone): 

  • “We love your music and the boys have grown up with following your family.” 
  • “Thank you for the love and hope you bring to so many kids who are searching for their identity.” 
  • “It was wonderful to see my kids sing and get into the motions of your songs, especially our son, who did not like to sing, let alone dance!” 
  • “I remember one morning in 2008 when my son was about 8 years old.  They were taking up a special offering for you and your daughter's leukemia treatment and as he was getting ready for VBS he emptied his wallet into his pockets.  I asked him if he didn't want to save just a little bit and his response was, ‘I don't really need anything, and it's more important to save a life.’”
  • “Our daughter, Emily, could not stop singing your songs.  For hours.  And hours.” 
  • “…and just recently we were all in the car singing....after prompted by Connor ‘Hey mom, do you remember Rob Biagi - You’re a V.I.P. to G-O-D?!”  We LOVE that song!”
  • “Thanks for your influence in my daughter’s life through your music!  She LOVES music, and I’m sure part of that comes from listening to you!” 
  • “My daughter really got into your music when she was only a year old in 2005.  We were living in CA at the time and a certain radio station would play a few of your songs on Saturday mornings and sometimes in the afternoon during the week. She would run to the radio and dance to your songs.  Then during bathtime, she'd want me to sing your songs to her!  'Jesus the Soccer Star' was her favorite.” 
  • “My daughter is entering high school next fall.  You could pray that God gives her a close friend who loves Jesus.” 
  • “My daughter is actively involved in the music ministry at our church, playing the keyboard.  She has an amazing ear, sense of timing, and ability to pick up theory.  She sings, too, naturally picking up harmony, and has taught herself guitar.” 
  • “Your music was fun and clever for us parents, too. I hope your ministry is blessed and it's good to know you're still making music.” 
  • “My older two daughters had a passion for dance so when they were little they loved dancing around the house with all the hand motions and movement inspiration you gave!” 

Thanks for "playing along"!  If you’d still like to let me know what your "growing-up" kids are up to, email me at!

When Kids Blow Your Mind 

Sometimes my 12-year-old daughter Natalie surprises Kathleen and me with her wisdom, perspective, and knowledge.  I laugh and say, "She's high-level."

I'd sure be inspired to hear about kids who know their way around their Bible, or have stepped up to serve God and people in some way...

What about you?  What have YOU heard from kids?  My friend Tonja R. reminded me today that we "shouldn't sell kids short!"  They are capable of great love, great learning, great wisdom, great helps, great worship, great _________ (fill in the blank)!