Looking for something TOTALLY UNIQUE for your KidMin?  Don't be shy to contact me!

Ask about my CUSTOM THEME SONGS and "Jingles" products.  I'll demo some ideas FREE OF CHARGE - and then, after you LOVE them, fully produce the song.  Your kids will go NUTS over songs written ESPECIALLY FOR THEM.  Talk about branding!

Thank you for the time you're spending with my songs and ministry today.  - Rob Biagi 1/13/2016

RBM News

  • Rob has written and recorded custom music for several churches in CA, IN, KY, AZ, VA, and IL.
  • Call or email us to ask about a custom theme song, announcements attention-getter, or birthday jam for your ministry.
  • Rob is consistently posting Kids' Worship Leader video and audio blogs on his YouTube Channel and here on KidsWorshipGuy.com

Rob's Mob (Fan Club)

Hello fans and family!  Wondering what you can do to help Rob Biagi and "The V.I.P. Kids"?
  1. SHARE Rob's Facebook posts and Retweet his Twitter tweets.  You know people Rob will never meet!
  2. Buy a song or album download for an un-churched kid or family as a "conversation-starter."
  3. Pray that God will bless and use Rob's work (recording, songwriting, custom music, live concerts) for the advancement of His Kingdom.
  4. Ask your Children's Ministry Leaders about hosting Rob and "The V.I.P. Kids" for an event like VBS or a Family Concert.
Rob has a limited budget for advertising, so he's thankful for your "word-of-mouth"!

What's Good About Rob?

  • Boys engage b/c he's a Christian man and a singer/songwriter/musician
  • Rob's lyrics are fun & relevant to kids (not overly-churchy/"worshippy"[kids understand more!])
  • Song Styles from Rock to Rap, Punk to Funk to Pirate! (parents can listen longer!)
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NEW From Rob Biagi - Lyrics Video & Custom Music

Custom Music & Jingles for Your Children's Ministry
contact Rob 812-913-4913 info@robbiagi.com with your questions

Click on this graphic to learn more about this product for your Kids' Church!

If you're a Children's Minister, you want songs and motions for Kids' Worship that are biblically accurate, high-quality, and ENGAGING TO THE OLDER BOYS!

If you're a parent, you want your kids to have "Jesus on their mind" every day of the week, not just Sunday.  Their music had better be hooky, clever, and MEMORABLE!

Rob Biagi (bee-AH-jee) has an answer for you.  He has done NOTHING BUT KIDS' WORSHIP since 1999.  His ministry began at a Southern California megachurch, and his music spread to all 50 United States and other countries like Australia, New Zealand, China, Costa Rica, and the United Arab Emirates.

Rob has consulted with megachurches like Prestonwood Baptist (Plano, TX), Mariners Church (Newport Coast, CA), and the Calvary Chapel system.
Rob has found some new teenage talent ("The V.I.P. Kids").  They could ROCK your VBS!  Let us know your dates via phone or email.

- find Rob Biagi on iTunes
- concert/booking info here
- Rob Biagi on Facebook here
- "The V.I.P. Kids" on Facebook here

Make sure you've got the motions videos, so your ministry kids (and families at home) can dance the "official" motions created by Rob's wife Kathleen Biagi!

Rob Biagi Music

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