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Shut Off Your Device! Podcast

I read Facebook once in a while, and most of what I see is people promoting others' creativity (or their own selfish accomplishments...).

But if you're always reading what others have written, you'll never write YOUR devotional, or song, or play.  If you only sing what others have written and produced, you'll never write your own lyrics and melodies.  If you only learn to "trace" or copy someone else's drawings or art...

I know, I know, you might create something lousy.  EVERYBODY DOES when they start out!  Still, you should consider turning off your device and being creative.  You and your kids will have some laughs, and who knows...?
  1. Everyone Has a Gift

Rob Biagi Changing Careers 

After next week's "Summer Jam" at Cottonwood Church, I am changing careers.  I'll only be booking a few live concert events going forward (click here to ask about your date[s])

I am actively seeking a full-time (non-ministry) job here in the Louisville, KY area.  My B.A. degree is in Interpersonal/Organizational Communication, and I've had experience as a seminar leader teaching about Communication Skills, Team Building, and Problem-Solving.  I've also been in sales.

Do you have any friends or connections I could network with? (no network marketing, please).

I will still offer my music and motions DVDs for sale at and on iTunes (and I promise I will keep writing songs and singing!).

"Why Are You Doing This, Rob?"
It's been a struggle to pay down debt from ongoing medical bills and expenses of running a traveling music ministry (which is why we moved from SoCal to Indiana).  I want to take care of my financial obligations, and provide for my family's needs (1 Tim. 5:8).

"Aren't You 'Hiding Your Light'?" (Matt. 5:15-16)
I don't think so.  I will continue to sing, dance, write a song occasionally, and tell kids and families about Jesus.  I just won't be doing it as a full-time music minister going forward.

"Is This Because of Your Health (Leukemia - 2008)?"
No.  Although my energy was diminished by Leukemia and my ongoing medication, my health is quite good!

"How Can We Help?"
Please pray that God will direct my paths (Prov. 3:5-6) and help me find just the right company to work for.  And again - I'd love to meet connections of yours who could use an energetic, experienced, well-spoken lad like myself!

I have greatly appreciated you being a fan of my music and ministry these 11 years, and I look forward to keeping in touch with you as life goes on!

I will continue to write and record music, to play bass and sing in our church's worship band, and to do creative things for the Lord and his children!

To God be the glory!

Rob Biagi 8/6/2014


I once got an email from a KidMin lady saying, "I have a group of three sixth-grade boys, and they stand against the back wall during worship.  I can't get them to participate AT ALL, except on your song 'Carry the Light.'  During that song, they wait for the UNGH! and they GRUNT with all their might, then go back to looking bored and tired.  What should I do? - Sincerely, Erin."

I answered back: "REJOICE, Erin.  REJOICE!  Grunting is GOOD!  If they are grunting, they ARE participating in Kids' Worship!  Encourage them.  Don't judge them or give them dirty looks.  To be able to put the 'UNGH!' in the right place, they are hearing all that truth from Matthew 5:16.  Pray for them and trust that they are getting it! - Sincerely, Rob."

Years went by and I got to meet Erin in person.  She said, "I never told you the follow-up story.  I did what you said, Rob.  I encouraged them.  I wasn't mad or condescending.  I stayed real positive and thanked them for grunting.  It's now three years later and guess what?  Those three boys are now freshmen in high school, and the three of them are my regular 11am Kids Worship leaders!"

Rob's New Song - "Let's Ride Together!" 

River of Life Church in Santa Clara, CA asked me to write a theme song specific to their "RiverKids" Children's Ministry.  The lyrics are obviously specific to RiverKids, BUT: I will soon have an "alternate lyrics version" that will work for YOU.  Here's why I think you and your ministry kids will LOVE IT:
1) it's in a good sing-along key!
2) it has a ROCK sound
3) the motions are fun and unifying
4) it's packed with spiritual meat

"Let's Ride Together! (RiverKids Theme Song 2014)" words and music by Rob Biagi (c)2014 Rob Biagi Music/BMI
Thanks to Michael Sanders of for the excellent tracks and mix!
Lead vocal (verse): Rob Biagi
Lead vocal (chorus): Juli Biagi

Do you dare to dream who God might let you be?
Are you willing to pray on your knees each day?
You and me, ready to be courageous
Don't look back, ready to act audacious!

Let's ride together!  RiverKids forever!
Learning all the things that God wants us to know...whoa-oh
We ride the River; all us kids together
Doing all the things that God wants us to do...woo oo oo, yeah!

Do I trust in Christ when the river waters rise?
I am not afraid; Adventure's on its way!
You and me, ready to be courageous
Hold onto Christ as the river rages!

Let's ride together!  RiverKids forever!Learning all the things that God wants us to know...whoa-oh
We ride the River; all us kids together
Doing all the things that God wants us to do...woo oo oo, yeah!

Take Us HOME! (Don't Just Hear Us at Church!) 

7-year-old kids can't spell R-O-B-B-I-A-G-I dot com.  Or Jana Alayra.  Go Fish?  Like the card game?  "Amber Sky" is a crayon color, right?!  And was it Yancy or Nancy?  Yancy NOT Nancy!  Sheesh.  Then how do we get our music from the "airwaves" at Kids' Church to the "playlist" on mom's iPhone?

How can I let the parents know their kids heard AWESOME music in Kids' Church today that THEY OUGHTA BUY, tell everyone about, and play over-and-over at home and on trips around town?
- send a flyer home?
- one-on-one conversations with parents (nah...too time-consuming)
- adhesive stickers on kids' clothes? ("Hey, check out for some GREAT kids' music!  Trust me.  Your kid was ROCKIN' in Kids' Church today.")

Our music is not just "another way to entertain a child."  It is the word of God set to music.  Bible teaching takes lots of time, and repetition.  Music is GREAT for that!

Wouldn't parents be grateful to have the help of some excellent music to reinforce biblical truths?  Then, how do I let parents know?

As always, I welcome your comments...

You Gotta Be a Goof! 

To educate kids, you must have their attention.  To get their attention, you have to be extreme.  Sometimes, it helps to be a goof!

My personality has always been to get on the floor and play with kids.  I love their energy, their curiosity, and their sincerity.  The fact that I can be goofy makes kids laugh, and then I can sing to them and teach them.  I do voice impersonations, extreme physical movements, and make my voice quiet, then LOUD!  What about you?  What can you do to be captivating?

If your ministry kids aren't engaged in music time (or even with your Bible lesson), consider being a goof.

1) You'd better have solid, well-rehearsed content, or you won't KEEP kids' attention.
2) Don't be a goof too often, for too long, or they won't take you seriously.
3) You don't want kids thinking God's word (or church) is "silly."

But kids speak the language of FUN - so make it fun!

As always, I welcome your comments...

"Robbie, Don't Sing at the Dinner Table...!" 

When I was a kid, I sang at the dinner table.  I didn't realize this.  My Dad would say, "Robbie, don't sing at the dinner table...!"  So I'd stop.  For about 30 seconds.  Then I'd start humming.  I didn't realize that either.

Now, guess what?  My kids sing at the dinner table!  I haven't decided if should "shush" them...

Still, you'll often hear my wife Kathleen and me saying, "JULI!  Less Shrek the Musical and more homework, please!"

So it got me thinking...where CAN a kid bust out and sing?!  Not at the dinner table...Not in the grocery store...Not in their classroom...Not in a restaurant...

Ding-ding-ding!  AT KIDS' CHURCH!!  If you're not letting kids (especially BOYS) sing, cheer, grunt, holler, and GET LOUD, you're denying them that ONE CHANCE in the ONE PLACE where they won't get flak for being loud kids!

“What’s Rob Been Up To Since He Moved?” 

Here’s a quick synopsis:
  • Summer 2013 was busy with gigs.
  • Fall and Winter 2013 – not so much.
  • No gigs, and too little income to even re-manufacture CDs and t-shirts (you've probably noticed most of my CDs are "out of stock").
  • Was Rob Biagi Music finished?
  • Kathleen and I wondered.  We were tempted to worry.  We prayed.
  • We moved to Indiana to lower our cost of living (we were bummed to leave my son and his fiancée).
  • Here in Indiana, I tried selling mobile apps and working at Costco.  Neither worked well.
  • We did, however, find a good Bible-teaching church!
  • We’ve made some good, nice friends.
  • I decided to start training some young adult performers to lead Kids’ Concerts.
  • I think it will work!  I believe my songs are quite good.
  • In the mean time, I have set up my recording studio gear and started writing song ideas again.
  • I’ve also been making calls to Children’s Ministers in the Midwest, introducing myself.
  • We still don’t know how things will all work out, but that’s God’s part.
What we are sure of is this:
  1. God loves his people (Romans 5:8)
  2. God does whatever he pleases (Psalm 115:3)
  3. God will take care of his people (Matthew 6)
  4. God’s people should not love their earthly lives (John 12:25)
  5. God’s people should set their minds on things above (Colossians 3:2)
We hope that YOU are sensing God’s nearness as he leads you through the ups and downs of earthly life.  Whether you’re “flyin’ high” or “scraping your sorry tush on the bottom,” we hope you are seeking the God who created you.  He is good, regardless of our circumstances down here!

- Rob Biagi, December 2013

Biagi Family & Ministry Moving to Indiana! 

BIG NEWS! - It is with great joy (and some sadness, too) that I announce: My family, ministry and I are moving to Southern Indiana in mid-July! I'll bet you're wondering how this all came about...

FIRST OFF: We are ABSOLUTELY continuing our concert schedule, as well as booking NEW EVENTS all over the U.S.A. I will continue to write and record music, and offer my Christian Kids' Music Products for sale and Concerts and Events for hire. We are continuing on - from Southern Indiana!

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

Since about 2006, we Biagis have been praying and wanting to relocate our ministry to the "middle of the country" somewhere, saving money and travel time to concerts. Then, earlier this year, a family inheritance made a home in Jeffersonville, Indiana available to us. The deal is too good to pass up! We trust that God is leading us, so we're goin'!

I am excited for the opportunities (singing, teaching, evangelism, fellowship) that are sure to come.  Kathleen is thanking God for leading us. Juli (age 15) is excited to make new actor/singer/dancer friends at a new church and high school. Natalie (age 8) says she's "50% happy, 50% sad." The pets aren't saying much (I think the cat's on the fence).

Sadly, we'll be leaving my son Matt (age 22) behind. He has his own apartment about an hour and a half away, a solid career (in law enforcement), and a sweet fiancee, so we'll have to make due with [Apple iPhone's] "FaceTime" instead of his drop-in visits.  Rats.

But oh...! The things that lie ahead?! (prayer requests, if you please)
- that God keeps our family bound together tightly in Christ, dependent on him, "rightly handling" his word, and ready to minister in every circumstance!
- that Kathleen and I continue to have a strong, Christ-focused, God-pleasing marriage.
- that my son Matt and his fiancee Dana draw ever closer to God and grow and thrive in their faith and relationship - without us near.
- that God helps me find LOTS concerts & teaching opportunities for LOTS of kids and families in LOTS of churches and schools.
- that God will use us to lead the neighbors (and distant relatives) to Jesus Christ!

We hope and pray for BIG, radical things to happen in our ministries and lives!

California has been a wonderful place to call "home." God has worked powerfully in our lives through Compass Bible Church, Mariners Church, and with all of the ministry friends we've found along the way. But life isn't about our comfort, our posessions, our tans, or our lives at all! It's about building the kingdom and doing the will of the God who created us! Our lives are to be lived in trust and obedience to him, for his glory and pleasure. He will take care of us!

You're Curious:
- YES we will be back to CA 2-3 times a year for ministry events, and [Lord willing] - be really busy singing and dancing for Jesus in the Midwest starting this summer!
- NO we're not ready for the HOT and COLD of Indiana!
- NO I'm not moving for a job.

More to come in blogs, on Facebook and Twitter, and in emails.  Be joyful always! - Rob, Kathleen, Matt, Juli and Natalie Biagi 5/3/2013

Not Just for Sunday 

When you’re picking songs for your family or Kids’ Church, make sure there are some “Not Just for Sunday” songs in the mix.

Monday through Saturday, my own daughters don’t choose to listen to many songs with really “churchy”/worshippy language (“Blessed Be Your Holy Name, Lord”). Instead they listen to songs by popular Christian rock bands and contemporary artists – not necessarily stuff that’s sung in high school or adult worship.

Remember – we have to think like the kids! If the adult volunteers love your Kids’ worship songs, you might not be reaching the kids! Your songs should “hook” the kids with a good melody and kid-friendly lyrics and biblical concepts. That way they can be reminded of God throughout the week, or think of him in a different way. Kids’ Music is “Not Just for Sunday”!

The songs I write are a kids-eye-view of the Christian life. Consider these lyrics:
- “I got the ‘Stink of the World’ off me…”
- “I don’t know about you; I just know about me. ‘I’m Followin’ Jesus’…”
- “Our house is a ‘Loud House,’ can’tcha see?…Praise rises from me.”
- “Every tear I’ve cried – You’ll wipe from my eyes and I’ll say, ‘Hallelujah, Thank You.’”

I’m not saying “get rid of the overtly 'churchy' songs,” I’m suggesting that kids don’t remember those as easily throughout the week. It’s not how they talk, and it’s not how they think. BUT THOSE SONGS ARE IMPORTANT to introduce kids to deeper truths about God’s nature, true worship, and biblical repentance and faith (and to get them ready for Junior High School). So mix them in. But make sure you’ve got lyrics and music styles that really GRAB the kids and make them remember Jesus at all different times throughout the week.

Go to to listen and purchase music, motions, CDs, DVDs, chord charts, worship leader tips, and everything you’ll need to strengthen your Kids’ Worship for next weekend! May God use you and me powerfully as we seek and serve him. – Rob Biagi