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John Lennon Got it Wrong With "Imagine" 

I have a couple of Facebook friends and, my goodness, God seems to be blessing them.  Like crazy!  In their ministry, marriage, parenting, careers, finances, home, everything.  I'm continually tempted to be jealous, or at least to say, "Ummm...Lord?  I'm not asking to trade lives with them, but, uh, my little family has (what I see as) some basic needs here.  Please don't forget us over here..."

Horrible thoughts, I know, but it's a battle.

And I know many of you are struggling, feeling like there are some basic needs or situations that the Lord is keeping quiet about.  Maybe it's your health.  Maybe it's your marriage.  Maybe it's parenting your teenager, or an addiction you can't shake, or a heartbreak or disappointment you just can't get over.

We are commanded to quickly turn our thoughts to Christ (his earthly life was filled with suffering), and to "things above, where Christ is..." (Col. 3:2).  I believe Scripture commands us to "Imagine" what heaven will be like, in a perfect place where God's will is done.  So I'm giving you a free download of a song off my first album.  I hope it lifts your spirits, and shifts your focus toward heaven.

Since you bounced over to my website, please watch and share my latest Kids' Worship Leader Video Blog (Vlog).  I think it could really help the Kids' Worship Leaders at your church!

May the Lord bless you - the way He wants to!
​Rob & family

Letter to a Discouraged Friend 

Dear friend,

I know you're discouraged.  Things aren't going very well in your earthly life right now.  There are a lot of things you're questioning and you wish you could see God at work more obviously, and more clearly.

But you need to hear me say, and you MUST remember - that God is with you and he loves you!  In His sovereignty, He has brought/allowed many troubles in your life.  He even seems to be allowing your efforts to be fruitless for some reason.  And it's a good reason.  I don't know why, but I do know it's temporary.  Like earthly life.

It's gonna be okay!

God said he has given you everything you need for life and godliness.  And if you continue to "show up" to be a good disciple, a good parent, a good worker, and a good friend, you will be blessed with what you need.  He has not forgotten about you.  He can't.  You are His!

He is painting with some dark colors in your life, my friend, and has been for many years now.  Oh, what a dramatic, beautiful picture He must be painting!  One day you will see...that He has been hard at work in your life, even when you thought He wasn't.

Remember when you had leukemia and wrote that song, "Hallelujah, Thank You"?  You recorded the demo and walked around, in the dark of night, joyfully weeping and singing it for hours!  I sent it out with your latest email blast, to remind you and your friends of that time.  You thought God might "bust things loose in your ministry, and let you tell that story to tens-of-thousands."  He kinda didn't, and you were confused and disappointed.  Don't be.  Just continue to be faithful. Walk on.


Could YOU Worship if YOUR Parents Were Divorcing?! 

Guys like me are always asking kids to "Sing, Dance, and Worship Jesus!"

But what if kids are being bullied at school or online?  What if their sister is "the favorite," and they feel forgotten most of the time?  What if, no matter how hard a 5th grade girl tries, she just can't make herself look "beautiful"?

It's easier for us (mature, adult Christians) to remember that God is always good, and that "nothing can separate us from [His love]..." (Romans 8:38), but what about children?  Will THEY feel like dancing and celebrating the goodness, faithfulness, and provision of God when their daddy doesn't live at their house anymore?  Would YOU feel like dancing?

Of course, our earthly circumstances shouldn't dictate our feelings about God, but what if you're 7 years old?

Watch this video, and let me know if you agree or disagree with me...

Don't Lose Heart! 

Lots of people are facing discouraging situations in their relationships, careers, ministries, and finances.  I have been tempted to be discouraged (isn't that what it is, a temptation to sin by being discouraged and not trust God?) off and on for years.  But I never got TOO down, I guess.  And I am grateful to God for his grace in that.

If you're going through something difficult (let's face it: you probably are, and if you're not, you will be...), I hope that you're still reading God's word, still praying, still trusting, believing that God is at work in you.  We shouldn't necessarily pray that God would make our lives easier, we should pray that we "get out of His way" and have a humble, changeable, teachable heart, and a willingness to become more like Christ (who was a model of patient suffering!).

But I do wish good things from God for you, too.  We all need that hope, don't we?  Don't lose heart!

Have a good day, knowing that He is with you!

- Rob

Help Me RE-LAUNCH With Lyrics Videos! 

Hello family and friends,

Well, God seems to want me making music for His kids (instead of Corporate America as I thought 8 months ago), so HERE I GO!

I feel like He gave me two new ideas:
1) to make lyrics videos to get my songs into new, tech-savvy churches, and
2) to write custom music and "jingles" and fun pieces for Children's Ministries (watch this video)

For the lyrics videos, I'm asking for your help with a crowdfunding campaign on the safe, secure crowdfunding site

For the custom music, I hope you'll help me GET THE WORD out!  I'll share my projects on social media and we will celebrate what God does together.

Thanks as always for your love and support as I have prayerfully figured all this out.

Rob (and Kathleen, Juli and Natalie) Biagi

Ease the Stress of VBS! 

Take the Rob Biagi Music Challenge: If you use at least TWO of my songs (with the "official" motions) every day during VBS this year, I guarantee those songs will be the kids' favorites and most memorable overall.  If I'm wrong, I'll give you a free album download for your Children's Ministry.

If you use lyrics videos, you can download "You're a V.I.P. to G-O-D," "Before I Go, I Stop," and "Books of the Bible Rap" from

Let me know if you're up for the Challenge! - Rob

My Songs Made Me Happy! 

Two Friday nights ago, I was sitting on my couch (people in cold temperatures are stuck inside "sitting on their couch" a lot, I've learned!).

I went on iTunes and listened to all 13 clips from my "Grown-Up Kid" album, and what I heard made me happy!  The songs are well written, the lyrics are fun and clever, it's well produced and well performed by the band and me!

I thought, "Man!  Kids in more churches need to hear these songs.  Why haven't they?!"  THE REASON IS: they need Lyrics Videos like this (click here).  I could only afford to make them for two songs.

Will you help me pay to make more?  Lyrics videos are expensive to make ($500-$2,000 apiece), and I don't have the money (which is why we moved out of California 19 months ago).  Email me at if you can help.  Thanks so much! - Rob Biagi

Shut Off Your Device!  Podcast

I read Facebook once in a while, and most of what I see is people promoting others' creativity (or their own selfish accomplishments...).

But if you're always reading what others have written, you'll never write YOUR devotional, or song, or play.  If you only sing what others have written and produced, you'll never write your own lyrics and melodies.  If you only learn to "trace" or copy someone else's drawings or art...

I know, I know, you might create something lousy.  EVERYBODY DOES when they start out!  Still, you should consider turning off your device and being creative.  You and your kids will have some laughs, and who knows...?
  1. Everyone Has a Gift


I once got an email from a KidMin lady saying, "I have a group of three sixth-grade boys, and they stand against the back wall during worship.  I can't get them to participate AT ALL, except on your song 'Carry the Light.'  During that song, they wait for the UNGH! and they GRUNT with all their might, then go back to looking bored and tired.  What should I do? - Sincerely, Erin."

I answered back: "REJOICE, Erin.  REJOICE!  Grunting is GOOD!  If they are grunting, they ARE participating in Kids' Worship!  Encourage them.  Don't judge them or give them dirty looks.  To be able to put the 'UNGH!' in the right place, they are hearing all that truth from Matthew 5:16.  Pray for them and trust that they are getting it! - Sincerely, Rob."

Years went by and I got to meet Erin in person.  She said, "I never told you the follow-up story.  I did what you said, Rob.  I encouraged them.  I wasn't mad or condescending.  I stayed real positive and thanked them for grunting.  It's now three years later and guess what?  Those three boys are now freshmen in high school, and the three of them are my regular 11am Kids Worship leaders!"